Nicholas J. Kromydas, Architect, located in Lake Tahoe and San Diego, emphasizes not only quality design, but also a vision of balanced commitment to service and management.

The interaction of these ideas and the incorporation of sensitivity towards environmental concerns have enabled Nicholas Kromydas to focus on each projects’ innovation and effectiveness in regards to providing quality results.

Kromydas has repeatedly earned community acceptance and local recognition for projects responding to environmental and community concerns. His proven ability and outstanding success with the government agency approval process has enabled his firm to provide comprehensive design development for over thirty years.

His design approach is to directly focus on the needs of his clients while creating a design that produces the greatest value, practicality, and aesthetic virtue. The clients’ input and participation throughout the design process is essential to bring both economy and vitality to his work.

Decades of experience have made Nicholas J. Kromydas a meticulous craftsman. His dedication to his work is shown in each stunning detail of the work he has created.